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Hello and welcome to ASOACD (A Sun on a Cloudy Day)! A blog devoted to writing, reading, photography, and everything fun and happy! I’m Rose the owner of this little corner of the internet. I’m a homeschooled Christian teen who loves to play softball, read, write, photograph, and be outside. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and hope you stay to enjoy! 🙂 Bye!

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Moving the Blog!!

This blog has been fun! Really fun! I’ve loved getting to connect with so many new people and meet all of you!! I’m growing up now though it’s been SUPER fun but I’ve started a new blog now with a new theme and a new schedule. I know I’ve been super inconsistent on this blog barely ever posting but I’m certain with a fresh start. I’ll be the blogger I want to be. It’s gonna be so much fun. Please come and join me on https://thebrightbookcase.wordpress.com

I can’t wait to see you there!! 😀

Rose ❤

Summer Goals

Summer Goals.png

Hello everyone!! Summer is finally here and I’m SO excited.

I’m determined to make this summer the best one yet!! So today I’ll be sharing with you my blogging and personal goals for the summer.

1. Blogging Goals

– Post 2-3 times a week

I haven’t posted very much at all this year and I really want to change that.

– Gain at least 15 more followers

I currently have 45 followers! Yay!! 😀 15 more would mean 60 followers which would be awesome!

– Do a few DIY’s

I’m not the craftiest person in the world but it’d be fun to do a couple DIY’s this summer.

– Show you my wreck this journal and art

I got a Wreck this Journal for my birthday which was at the end of March and I’ve been working on it quite a bit recently. I’ve also never done an art post so I’d like to show you guys my artistic skills (not).

– Connect with more people

I’d like to expand my blog following and look at some different blogs and get in one a few other blogging circles

– Do good in CPC 

CPC is also know as Camera’s and Pen’s challenge it’s hosted by Carol and it’s an amazing competition that combines to of my passions photography and writing into one epic month of challenges, points, and getting to meet some super cool people.

2. Personal Goals

– Read by Bible more

I’ve been very inconsistent with my Bible reading and that needs to change. I want to be in the Word every single day and I haven’t been. My church has our own Bible study plan so I’m hoping to finish the whole month of July.

– Exercise 

Generally, I’m very active with softball and other sports. I want to work more on “working out” running, weights, and other stuff to help in softball.

– Re-decorate my room

I’ve already started doing this and I’m really liking it so far hopefully by the end of August I can do a room tour

Those are all of my goals for this summer… even though the first month of summer is almost over! But technically summer doesn’t start till tomorrow! 😉


Rose ❤

Big Question (I need YOU!)

Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking lately about changing the way I run this blog. I try to make SUPER long posts and I’m not sure that’s really working. I’m a very busy person so finding the time to write long posts doesn’t always happen. So I have a big question to ask you!

Should we do longer posts or shorter posts?

If I start doing shorter posts. I’ll be able to do them maybe every other day or so but if I do longer they may only happen 1-2 times a week.

Click ME! <– Click to vote on what you think I should do. I really need your opinion on this SO please take the 10 seconds to cast a quick vote it means a lot. 🙂

Thanks for reading!! I’ll be back to let you know the results in a few days or so. 😉 Thanks so much for always supporting me!

-Rose ❤

Double Book Review

Hello everyone! I’ve done quite a bit of reading lately. So I’m going to be sharing with you some of the books I’ve recently read and my thoughts on them. 🙂

Stars are out of 5 stars

1. Children of Exile

Children of Exile.jpg


Name: Children of Exile

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Age: JF (Juvenile Fiction)

Stars: 3

For the past twelve years, adults called “Freds” have raised Rosi, her younger brother Bobo, and the other children of their town, saying it is too dangerous for them to stay with their parents, but now they are all being sent back. Since Rosi is the oldest, all the younger kids are looking to her with questions she doesn’t have the answers to. She’d always trusted the Freds completely, but now she’s not so sure.

And their home is nothing like she’d expected, like nothing the Freds had prepared them for. Will Rosi and the other kids be able to adjust to their new reality?


*spoilers contained*

I had such high hopes for this book. I love lots of Margaret Haddix’s writing but this honestly was a let down for me. The characters I did like especially Rosi she was such a sweet girl who was so innocent and just wanted the best for her brother. I enjoyed the writing very easy read. Then BAM this happened…. aliens… really. I have a problem when a good book suddenly turns sci-fi because no offense to authors but they all choose one of the 3 plotlines for alien books and work off that and.. UGGH! The book could have easily not had aliens and been great but no.. we had to add aliens. It was seriously disappointing for me because I was getting into the book and then they just put it on you and didn’t even explain it very well. I was very sad. Other than that the book was good. There is 1 other one in the series but I won’t be reading it. Also it was a very easy read good for 10+.

2. Confessions of a Murder Suspect

confessions of a murder suspect.jpg

Name: Confessions of a Murder Suspect

Authors: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Age: YA (Young Adult)

Stars: 4

On the night Malcolm and Maud Angel are murdered, their daughter Tandy knows just three things: 1) She was one of the last people to see her parents alive. 2) The suspect list only includes Tandy and her three siblings. 3) She can’t trust anyone–maybe not even herself. 

As Tandy sets out to clear the family name, she begins to recall flashes of experiences long buried in her vulnerable psyche. These memories shed light on her family’s dark secrets, and digging deeper into her powerful parents’ affairs proves to be a disturbing and dangerous game. Who knows what any of the Angels are truly capable of?


This book was amazing!! I love James Pattersons writing! This book was so suspenseful I couldn’t put it down the whole time. I finished it in like 2 days. 😛 The characters were great they all had their own personality and the plot twist at the end.. OH!! I’m always a fan of a good plot twist and this book delivered on that. WARNING to younger readers this book contains a far about of swearing and a few mature themes so I would recommend for 13+ on this one.

Thanks for reading!! 😀 Have a wonderful day!

-Rose ❤





*Camp NaNoWriMo*


camp nano logo.png


YES!! It’s almost April which means…. *drumroll*


For those of you who don’t know what Camp NaNoWriMo is it’s a camp that happens twice a year once in July and once in April were you get to set a word count goal and write your beautiful story. It’s super fun and a great way to jump start your writing for the summer. 🙂 So onto my story idea.

1. Synospis

Ellie-May (Ellie) and Juniper (June) are twin sisters who currently live in the tiny town of Grandsburg, Pennsylvania. They’re life is decent you could say there dad has a job, they live in a 2 bed apartment, have a pet cat named Meatloaf life is good. Until one Wednesday afternoon the girls are taken from school and told there father has just had a deadly heart attack. With no one left they set off to find their long lost mother in LA. Escaping CPS and making their way through the vast US these twin sisters will learn family secrets beyond their wildest dreams.

That was a pretty bad synospis, but once it’s written it’s going to be AMAZING! *hopefully*

Anywho! Let’s learn more about our lovely little characters.

2. Characters

So I’m thinking for this, I’m going to switch between the viewpoints of Ellie and of June… most likely. I’ve never written from 2 standpoints but it should be fun.


Age: 16 (7 minutes older)

Appearance: Long brown wavy hair that she keeps in a braid of ponytail. Bright green eyes she wears purple glasses.

Personality: Quiet, introverted, funny, perfectionist, lover of cats, fangirl

Pets: Minnie a little tiny dwarf kitty. *it’s a thing look it up*

Fav Color: Purple

Fav Food: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Fav Animal: Cats

Fav Subject: English


Age: 16 (7 minutes younger)

Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair with a blue streak in it.

Personality: Leader, exciting, adventerous, social, lover of cats, reader.

Pets: Meatloaf. Minnie’s cat twin

Fav Color: Electric blue

Fav Food: Donuts

Fav Animal: Cats

Fav Subject: Science

Those are my two MC’s right now.  🙂 I’m super excited to see how they develop. I’ll be making pintrest boards for them soon. 😀

Thanks so much for joining me!! 😀 Have a spectacular afternoon.

-Rose ❤



AAWC -The Finale-

Wow I can’t believe it’s almost over! I’ve had so much fun getting to write these stories now after this I have to start planning out my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo! 😛

Hello it is I your faithful narrator!


Yes that’s me! Today I’m here to tell you the stories of 2 very interesting girls who live in the same world with very different lives. Now prepare yourselves this is story you don’t wanna miss.

1. Lucilla

prompt 1.jpg

“Fly my tiny winged friends!” I call out to the butterflies as my magic swoops around them. My name is Lucille I’m a fairy. I bring light, love, and good to the land of Gemenia. Today I sit atop my little mountain playing with my friends. But as every good playtime is it is soon over. The melodious sound of the clocktower fills my ears. It is now 3 o’clock and time for my meeting with Delila. I launch from my rock and into the sky. I pass the beautiful garden of Venenum. In the garden grows the most beautiful flowers; and they were all poisonous. Hence the name Venenum which literally means poison in latin. I keep flying through a beautiful meadow Soon the house comes into view a big blue house with white shutters and purple lilies filling the flowerbeds.


The lilies are stunning and I should know since I’m the one who invented them.


“Hello Meme! Hello Kylie.” I call out to the houses resident pets 2 big blue macaws. I fly up and up to the open window on the 3rd floor of the house and there on the floor sits Delila. A beautiful 7 yr old girl with brown chestnut hair and beautiful green eyes.

“Good afternoon Delila!” I call out.

“Lucille! Your here!” cried Delila jumping up and down.

“Make me fly again pwease!” she said.

“Fine but just this once.” I slowly lifted my fingers and the dust encircling me transfered into Delila and she started to fly.

prompt 1.jpg

“Wee!!” she cried as her hands held onto the doorknob so she wouldn’t go to high.

With a wave of my hand she went down again.

“That was so fun Lucy!” she said giving me a tiny hug.

“Well I must be off. See you tomorrow.” I said flying away.

“My daily dose of kindess was given and I was off to find more people to make happy.

2. Bella

The sunset lit up the horizon in a blazing glory.

Sorry I keep using some of the same photos! I don’t have that many uploaded. 😦

I was riding atop my black steed Star. Tonight was the night of my 7th mission. I am a forest ninja by the name of Bella. I locate, find, and save different creatures of the wood from the enemies that surround us. Tonight I sat atop Star as I precariously crossed the tiny bridge that went across Rough Canyon.

prompt 2.jpg

The canyon was perpetually foggy and I just hoped that Star could keep his footing. Soon enough we had made it across and I gave a sigh of relief. Then it was on we went. Today my mission was to save Emilie a small girl from the wood who had come her from a magic mirror. I was the first to find the strange creature. I found her facedown on the road with a pile of glass shards around here.

prompt 3.jpg

I was concerned for the poor girl and I knew that those glass shards had once been the magic mirror that was used to transport people from The Wood to the real world. Without one there was no way of going back. Luckily for her no time passes in The Wood so no one would be worried for here. We took her in and fed her, clothed, her, and made her into one of our own. Every weekend I teach her the tecniques of a skilled ninja.

As the dark grew closer I finally made it to my destination a small shack with a rickety front porch. I tied up Star to tree and silently entered the house. Inside the house was a tall man with a beard and there chained to the bed was Emilie.

prompt 4.jpg

She looked so small and helpless. I knew who this man was, he was McClain a man who had entered through a mirror himself and learned our ways now he wanted to find a way back so he could utterly destroy The Wood and rule it for himself.

“Come in Bella.” he said. How in the world did he see me. I had crouched behind the door.. no one could ever see me.

“Let the poor girl go. McClain.” I said.

“This girl is my ticket to finding a way out of here. If she can show me were her magic mirror is I can piece it back together and get out of here.” he shouted.

“And if you come a single step closer.. I’ll kill her.” he said pointing a fully loaded pistol at her. Where did he get one of those I have no clue.

“Are you going to kill me?” asked Emilie.

“If you reach for that, definitely. If you stay still like a good girl, I might.” he said pointing to the small knife Emilie was inching toward.

“Don’t kill her let her go and live on with your life here.” I said inching forward.

“STOP!” he cried the gun shaking in his hand. I knew this was my chance. I kicked the gun out of his hand and caught it and aimed it right at him.

I slowly started undoing the padlock on Emilie’s ankle with the key that was left on the table.

Then I took off outside with Emilie chasing after me. We hopped up onto Star and fled into the night.



Prompts: 7

Pictures: 8

Team Name: 1

Extra: 5

Story: 1

Total: 22

Thanks so much for reading! I had an amazing time doing this writing contest. 🙂 Thank you so much Zielle for hosting.


Rose ❤


March Will Be Better

Wow guys February was not my month for the blog. I had very few posts and none of them were that high quality. I’m hoping coming into March. I’ll have better posts! 😉 I already have a few ideas which include:

  • Book Review on The Wrap Up List and Red Queen
  • Updates and things on my Camp NaNoWriMo project
  • Some winter photography I never got around to posting
  • Some photography I did of my friend

And so much more. I’ll tell ya guys trying to run 2 blogs and having a full softball schedule is not easy. I have practice 3 times a week and if I don’t have Sat. practice that means I have a tournament that day and sometimes they go into Sunday which sends the whole blogging boat crashing. 😛 I’m hoping to get a plan down so that I can have some great posts! 🙂 Sorry for the little hiatus’s I’ve been going on those are going to stop! 😀

-Rose ❤